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Re: [K12OSN] Replacing a server

Mark Cockrell wrote:
I want to replace my current K12LTSP 4.4.1 box with a new K12LTSP/ 5.0EL box, and I need a little advice. My current box is our primary authentication server using Samba/LDAP thanks to Matt Oquist's wonderful script. What's the best way to migrate that data to the new server? I had planned to just install 5.0EL on the new machine, run the smb-ldap script and then do a slapadd of my most recent backup, but it seems that Matt's script isn't yet ready to handle CentOS 5 or it's K12LTSP derivative. I'm at a loss as to what I should do. What do any of you recommend?

I've got 3 Samba / LDAP servers running on CentOS 5, they aren't PDC's as they are running a standalone servers with there own slave LDAP's to make them a bit quicker. I could send you over my rough notes that I've got if you like, they might give you a start and allow you to run Matt's scripts as all the packages would be installed.

Brian Chivers
Portsmouth College

   The views expressed here are my own and not necessarily

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