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Re: [K12OSN] Windows Terminal Services

A question I asked about the licence, but is dicey is that the device cals cover 'per device'.  From the windows side, every terminal session coming in via rdesktop from you LTSP server looks like it is all coming from 1 device, so technically it probably meets the license requirements though I am sure MS wants to you pay for every client device and not for the terminal server itself.  I carry enough TSCALS/CALS to cover my thin clients, but I guess some brave soul could argue the technical aspects with MS if they wanted. Seems MS pulls the same tricks when it is in their favor.

Dave Hopkins

On 7/9/07, "Terrell Prudé Jr." <microman cmosnetworks com > wrote:

Roger Morris wrote:
John Lucas wrote:
On Monday 09 July 2007 09:28, Timothy Legge wrote:

What is the deal with terminal Services again? I believe I need the

1) Windows Server
2) Device/Client Cals for Windows
3) Device/Client Cals for Terminal Services.

I will be connecting via rdesktop, I assume that is okay as long as
the above is properly licensed.

Anything else required?

Only to configure Terminals Services for "Application mode", otherwise the 
default is "Administrative mode" which only allows 2 simultaneous users.

to elaborate a little.  in 'admin' mode, no CAL is required, right?

Correct.  You get two CAL's with admin mode automatically...but only two.  Furthermore, if you've got a userID logged in at the console, then that counts as a session.  Thus, Windows XP will give you only one terminal server session.  Dunno how that applies to Windows Server; might be similar.


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