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David Hopkins dahopkins429 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 17:52:31 UTC 2007

hmmm ... figures.  Well, that is ok, I'm covered. And if MS really wants to
come after the school 'just to make sure', I am certain that the publicity
wouldn't be good. Still, with the tactics of this company, and the BSA,  is
it any wonder that people are learning to not like them?

On 7/11/07, "Terrell Prudé Jr." <microman at cmosnetworks.com> wrote:
>  Dave, I used to be a Microsoft reseller back in the day.  Therefore, I
> had to read those agreements very carefully.  The agreement for Windows
> Terminal Services specifically includes multiple connections from any single
> IP address or device.  You'd better read that agreement and make sure of
> what you're reading...unless you want to end up like Ken "Helios" Starks's
> "Ultra Secret Corporation":
> http://blog.lobby4linux.com/index.php?/archives/83-No-One-Ever-Got-Fired-For-Using-Microsoft.-Yes-They-Did..html
> Rest assured, Microsoft *ABSOLUTELY* saw that loophole.  Matter of fact,
> they themselves had previously taken advantage of it with Novell NetWare in
> the 1990's!  Do some Googling for any product literature for "Services for
> NetWare", and you'll see what I mean.  Microsoft wasn't about to repeat
> Novell's mistake.
> Also remember that the BSA has just recently upped their reward money for
> tattletales.
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> David Hopkins wrote:
> Julius,
> If you notice, I said I carry enough device cals to cover my thin clients.
> However, I have device cals, not user cals, and the MS agreement is per
> device that is connecting.  Technically, I have exactly 3 devices which are
> connecting, the 3 LTSP boxes, and as picky as MS is in enforcing whatever
> rules favor them, I find it ironic that I could get by with just 3 device
> cals.
> Now, that said, MS has also tried to force businesses to only use User
> cals so that when a user leaves, the cal goes with them.  At a school, this
> would be silly since students leave every year. Anyhow, not trying to start
> an argument on this.  Just found it interesting.
> Sincerely,
> Dave Hopkins
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