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Re: [K12OSN] Windows Terminal Services

hmmm ... figures.  Well, that is ok, I'm covered. And if MS really wants to come after the school 'just to make sure', I am certain that the publicity wouldn't be good. Still, with the tactics of this company, and the BSA,  is it any wonder that people are learning to not like them?

On 7/11/07, "Terrell Prudé Jr." <microman cmosnetworks com> wrote:
Dave, I used to be a Microsoft reseller back in the day.  Therefore, I had to read those agreements very carefully.  The agreement for Windows Terminal Services specifically includes multiple connections from any single IP address or device.  You'd better read that agreement and make sure of what you're reading...unless you want to end up like Ken "Helios" Starks's "Ultra Secret Corporation":


Rest assured, Microsoft *ABSOLUTELY* saw that loophole.  Matter of fact, they themselves had previously taken advantage of it with Novell NetWare in the 1990's!  Do some Googling for any product literature for "Services for NetWare", and you'll see what I mean.  Microsoft wasn't about to repeat Novell's mistake.

Also remember that the BSA has just recently upped their reward money for tattletales.

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David Hopkins wrote:

If you notice, I said I carry enough device cals to cover my thin clients. However, I have device cals, not user cals, and the MS agreement is per device that is connecting.  Technically, I have exactly 3 devices which are connecting, the 3 LTSP boxes, and as picky as MS is in enforcing whatever rules favor them, I find it ironic that I could get by with just 3 device cals. 

Now, that said, MS has also tried to force businesses to only use User cals so that when a user leaves, the cal goes with them.  At a school, this would be silly since students leave every year. Anyhow, not trying to start an argument on this.  Just found it interesting.

Dave Hopkins

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