[K12OSN] Windows Terminal Services

Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Wed Jul 11 20:00:17 UTC 2007

On Wed, 11 Jul 2007, David Hopkins wrote:

> Julius,
> If you notice, I said I carry enough device cals to cover my thin clients.
> However, I have device cals, not user cals, and the MS agreement is per
> device that is connecting.  Technically, I have exactly 3 devices which are
> connecting, the 3 LTSP boxes, and as picky as MS is in enforcing whatever
> rules favor them, I find it ironic that I could get by with just 3 device
> cals.
> Now, that said, MS has also tried to force businesses to only use User cals
> so that when a user leaves, the cal goes with them.  At a school, this would
> be silly since students leave every year. Anyhow, not trying to start an
> argument on this.  Just found it interesting.
> Sincerely,
> Dave Hopkins
	sorry for the confusion - I do precisely this as well.

I did see people using TS with a license for 5 and 100+ users.


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