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[K12OSN] RE: AD Integration

Yes, I was finally able to.  I took the advice of trying sadms as others
on the listserv recommended and it worked great. I could then login as a
user from our Active Directory.  The only thing now I'm having problems
with is not being able to access files from the Windows home directory
in Linux. PAM is installed via sadms. I added our file server name as
the home server and k for the home share. Our home directories are on a
file server on their own drive (K:), categorized by graduation year.  Is
this possible or do I need to have them all in one folder and not
seperated by graduation date?  Also, do I need to add the drive letter
of where our Windows home directory's are located in the smb.conf file
so it knows where to look at? I'm asking because I've seen such entries
in other examples. There maybe an easier solution with sadms but not
sure how to go about it.  


> Thanks Ray!  I was able to get in by using ssh as root and was able to
> make the adjustments I needed to.  I apologize for not thinking of
> myself.  I'm still rather new to K12LTSP.
> Amy
That's great. No need to apologize Amy, I've forgotten many things
myself. A 
little nudge here and there and you'll be sailing on your own. Now, if I
only get one of my staff to ask for help ... Were you able to get your
working with AD?

Ray Garza
Coordinator of Computer Services
Speer Memorial Library

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