[K12OSN] wireless bridge setup for classroom clusters of thin-clients

Greg X list at nettrust.com
Sun Jul 15 13:23:31 UTC 2007

please see this image http://tmaedu.com/tmp/classroom-wireless.png

i'm looking for network configuration help for setting up DD-WRT
router firmware on two Buffalo WHT-G125 routers in a bridge
configuration to allow thin-client PC's connected to bridge router to
issue their boot image requests to the LTSP server.

can someone suggest the DD-WRT network config to support this?

the WHT-G125 has a 125mb/s mode that should support the speed needed
for 4 terminals per classroom we require. i'll also turn the transmit
power down from 28mw to 10mw so that multiple adjacent classrooms
won't collide.


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