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Re: [K12OSN] wireless bridge setup for classroom clusters of thin-clients

Greg X wrote:
please see this image http://tmaedu.com/tmp/classroom-wireless.png

i'm looking for network configuration help for setting up DD-WRT
router firmware on two Buffalo WHT-G125 routers in a bridge
configuration to allow thin-client PC's connected to bridge router to
issue their boot image requests to the LTSP server.

can someone suggest the DD-WRT network config to support this?

the WHT-G125 has a 125mb/s mode that should support the speed needed
for 4 terminals per classroom we require. i'll also turn the transmit
power down from 28mw to 10mw so that multiple adjacent classrooms
won't collide.
Run your backbone (wireless bridges, WDS, pre-802.11s (we are having more 11s debates next week)) over 802.11a (5.6Ghz). The 24 channels for 11a give you about 11 usable channels and they don't interfere with your classroom 11b. 11a limitations are poorer wall penetration, and range.

Also important is setting each classroom up as a different SSID. DO NOT hide the SSIDs. No practical value (I wrote the paper on 'The Myth of Hiding SSIDs'). The 'terminals' will function better wirelessly with the APs being discoverable via SSIDs.

Your standard 11b/g channel usage is: 1,6,11. These three channels give you excellent 2D coverage (3D though really needs 4 channels).

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