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Re: [K12OSN] Gigabit Client NIC

On 7/16/07, Matthew Armitage <Matthew Armitage sd72 bc ca> wrote:

The three gig capable clients all kernel panic when they try to load the network driver. The boot gives me a error stating that the network card was not detected. Now I'm guessing that this means the LTSP kernel that is included in K12LTSP EL5 doesn't have gigabit network support enabled.
So, my question is, how do I get this support into the client's kernel?
Hopefully you guys can help me out, because I'm not really keen on the HP clients. We're hoping to be able to transition to a system similar to Kamloops in the future and I'm not convinced that they will be useful at that point.
Thanks in advance,

The driver is probably there but not being loaded because the NICs pci
id are not in the NICLIST (I think that is the name) file.  You can
edit that file or use your dhcp server to send NIC=r8169 to Etherboot
(I am unsure if that works for PXE)...


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