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Re: [K12OSN] wireless bridge setup for classroom clusters of thin-clients

I thought some more about this while winging my way the SFO.

Greg X wrote:
please see this image http://tmaedu.com/tmp/classroom-wireless.png

i'm looking for network configuration help for setting up DD-WRT
router firmware on two Buffalo WHT-G125 routers in a bridge
configuration to allow thin-client PC's connected to bridge router to
issue their boot image requests to the LTSP server.

can someone suggest the DD-WRT network config to support this?

the WHT-G125 has a 125mb/s mode that should support the speed needed
for 4 terminals per classroom we require. i'll also turn the transmit
power down from 28mw to 10mw so that multiple adjacent classrooms
won't collide.
That Buffalo has only one radio, right?

All of our work in 802.11s is including support of both backbone and AP support on the same radio, but this puts some real sever restrictions on the network configuration.

An 802.11 radio can only work on one channel at a time. (Well 802.11n does change this with MIMO, each antenna can work on its own channel.)

If you can find any box with two radios, your overall performance will be be better.

You are frittering away your bandwidth with both backbone and clients on one radio. You will not get anywhere close to your 125mb bandwidth. It is automatically halved for moving the data across the backbone and to/from the client.

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