[K12OSN] firefox addons globaly

Ray Garza ray at mission.lib.tx.us
Tue Jul 17 18:32:58 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 17 July 2007 04:14:57 am Nadav Kavalerchik wrote:
> yes, we use this method too, but with a mix.
> first, try to remove the extensions.ini , extensions.cache and
> compreg.datfrom firefox' user profile folder.
> an reload firefox to let it re-register the extensions. i think this should
> help. if not, i suggest...
> second, what we actually use is a mix. we install globally some extension
> but also, we have a Sandbox user in which we install and configure firefox
> (and other applications) as we like and then we copy the user's specific
> application configuration files (.mozzila , .openoffice ... ) to all other
> users in the system and change ownership
> very easy :-)
> i can send you the copy script if you like this method.
Ya, I remember you mention this on another posting and I thought of doing that 
(second option). But, I would need to keep the cache in tack for each 
account. Or, maybe clear out the cache for the Sandbox user and let everyone 
start from scratch. I could use it in the /etc/skel area so that new users 
would be setup properly.

I already got a script but go ahead and send me yours. I'll take a look at it.

BTW, I found an addon called Menu Editor that lets you hide certain menu on 
Firefox and I want to use it to prevent people from using the "clear private 
data" function in Firefox.


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