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[K12OSN] Clean slate - k12LTSP small server planning

And I DO mean small server.

I ordered the 4 for 3 deal for the decTOP. I will toss in more memory into one of them, switch to a low power-usage notebook drive and find an external battery, drop K12LTSP on the box and presto, a portable Linux apps server.

But how much memory (hey, even the $15 difference between 256Mb and 512Mb has to be thought out).

So I am looking at IceWM in place of Gnome. There will only be one user of this system, me! But many apps running.

What is the lowest server memory hit for the remote consol? And what app on an XP or Linux client? Even if I do go for 512Mb, I still have to think this through...

Since this is a fresh start, go with k12ltsp v 7beta? The FC6 should be a better performer than FC5 (at least moving to Centos 5 from 4.x seems so). Is the beta 'stable' and close to release?

Or should I install Centos 5 and drop everything needed to make a k12ltsp box? Or maybe DSL will be kinder on the memory? I will be working with DSL on one of the other decTOPs. The remaing 2 will be Portable Trixboxs for demo purposes.

That 4 for 3 deal for the decTOP comes out to $81/unit. Thing is you need PC2700 memory and that is $15 more than comparable PC4200 memory....

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