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Re: [K12OSN] Clean slate - k12LTSP small server planning

Les Mikesell wrote:
Robert Moskowitz wrote:
And I DO mean small server.

I ordered the 4 for 3 deal for the decTOP. I will toss in more memory into one of them, switch to a low power-usage notebook drive and find an external battery, drop K12LTSP on the box and presto, a portable Linux apps server.

I think the ethernet-over-USB1.1 is going to be a killer for this thing. It might make a small web server for something that doesn't need much bandwidth, and maybe NX with compression would make it usable as a client but there's not much else that doesn't need good network performance.

Home much data is going over the network for a remote client? The app is running on the server, isn't it? I do remember the bad old days with X (circa ''94) when any mouse movement or window resize swamped a 10Mb ethernet.

USB 1.1 is faster than a T1 link. So it will serve for Trixbox that does not have a lot of connections. Just fine for a demo box or two.

I will also be looking at what it will take to replace the micro-ITX card (find others with same attachment locations?). As $81 for a micro-ITX case and power supply is a deal itself...

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