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Re: [K12OSN] Clean slate - k12LTSP small server planning

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Robert Moskowitz wrote:
Les Mikesell wrote:
Robert Moskowitz wrote:
And I DO mean small server.

I ordered the 4 for 3 deal for the decTOP.  I will toss in more memory into one of them, switch to a low power-usage notebook drive and find an external battery, drop K12LTSP on the box and presto, a portable Linux apps server.

I think the ethernet-over-USB1.1 is going to be a killer for this thing.  It might make a small web server for something that doesn't need much bandwidth, and maybe NX with compression would make it usable as a client but there's not much else that doesn't need good network performance.

Home much data is going over the network for a remote client?  The app is running on the server, isn't it?  I do remember the bad old days with X (circa ''94) when any mouse movement or window resize swamped a 10Mb ethernet.

USB 1.1 is faster than a T1 link.  So it will serve for Trixbox that does not have a lot of connections.  Just fine for a demo box or two.

I will also be looking at what it will take to replace the micro-ITX card (find others with same attachment locations?).  As $81 for a micro-ITX case and power supply is a deal itself...

That depends directly on the amount of screen updates taking place.  If you're viewing a Web page with a lot of animated PNG's or GIF's, then more traffic will be used.  If you run TuxType, you're staring at 73Mb/sec (I measured this a few years ago), so you really need a 100Mbps Full Duplex link in that case.  On the other hand, if you're just doing simple, basic word processing or Web surfing to something like www.gnu.org, then 10Mbps Half Duplex is liveable.


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