[K12OSN] Getting eMacs to boot.

Jon Harder linuxk12 at mountainlake.k12.mn.us
Fri Jul 20 16:27:47 UTC 2007

Jim Kronebusch wrote
> > Is there a way to set up SCREEN_02 so I can alt-f2 or ctrl-alt-f2 to
> > a shell window while startx is running in the other one? Or is there a way
> > of firing off startx so it tries once and exits?  I'm not sure where
> > I would look to see if anything useful is being logged. Further
> > suggestions would be appreciated.
> In lts.conf set:
> SCREEN_01=startx
> SCREEN_02=shell
> Then you can ctrl-alt-f2 to get a shell while the default screen_01 is starting x.

This works, but I also need to add:

  2:3:respawn:/bin/startsess tty2 /bin/bash --login

to the inittab file.

> > On the pre-slot loading front, I made some accidental progress. I
> > tried doing a vanilla install of Yellow Dog and it failed on the second
> > CD, forcing a reboot. Fortunately I had the iMac on the ltsp portion of
> > the network and it automatically found the server and booted up!
> >
> > Evidently yaboot was installed on the imac and that is all it needed
> > to get on the network and then boot from the server. So my question is,
> > how do I go about installing just the basic yaboot software on those
> > old iMacs without going through the whole Yellow Dog install CD 1?
> If you are describing the first vintage Bondi Blue (looks like an ugly green to me) iMac
> G3 then there is nothing needed to boot the LTSP server other than holding down the "N"
> key on startup to trigger booting from the server.  Or just pull the hard drive out of
> the machines and since they cannot find a local boot device they will automatically poll
> the network.  You can also hard code booting off the server via firmware if you like.

I was making a bad assumption here. I thought since I couldn't
net-install mac OS on these older machines it implied I could not
netboot. I was wrong. They work just fine by booting with the "N"
key and the default server configuration.

How do I hard code the booting via firmware?

> Take a look at the included XF86Config.indigo file for reference.

I tried the .indigo config early on with no success, but I tried it
again and now it works just fine with a couple of flavors of
slot-loading iMacs.

My newest pre-intel white emacs still don't work. This appears to be
a more serious problem because I can't even get it to come up with
a shell window. I'm not concerned, as it will be a year or more before
I will want to use those computers as clients.

To sum up: most of my current concerns are resolved. I would like to know
how to select netboot via the firmware. Newer eMacs don't work, but that
problem can wait.

Thanks for all of the help!

Jon Harder
Mountain Lake Public Schools

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