[K12OSN] Re: Can't login from secondary server

Krsnendu dasa krsnendu108 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 01:09:03 UTC 2007

I erbooted the secondary server and still ca't log in.

On 23/07/07, Krsnendu dasa <krsnendu108 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have two ltsp servers. One mounts /home by nfs from the other.
> When logging in on terminals that are booting from the server with /home
> it works fine. From the other server we get the error-
> GDM could not wirte to your authorisation file. This could mean that you
> are out of disk space or that your home directory could not be opened for
> writing. In any case, it is not possible to login. Please contact your
> system administrator.
> What do i have to do to fix this?
> /home seems to be mounted. As root I can list the directories although I
> do not have access to the /home directories.
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