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Re: [K12OSN] k12ltsp distribution thoughts...

Nils Breunese wrote:
Luis Montes wrote:

Forgive me if this has been asked before, but why is k12ltsp an entire distro and not just a yum repository?

I understand that k12ltsp makes it easy to do LTSP installs at the time of installing the operating system, especially for new users. I aslo understand that people may wish to install an LTSP server that may not have internet access readily available, but there are ways around those issues. We could do local installs with an iso or tarball of all the k12ltsp rpms for a specific spin of fedora, say Fedora7's launch release. Also, the latest fedora installer lets you specify additional yum repositories for cases when an internet connection is readily available at the time of install.

I very much appreciate the work Eric Harrison does on this project, and if lifting the burden of full CD/DVDs and non-ltsp updates from him would help out, I'm all for it.

I believe people are working to get LTSP into Fedora and other distributions, but until that time K12LTSP is the easiest way to get going with LTSP.

Nils Breunese.

Redhat and Suse have both talked about thin client support in the past, but I've never seen anything materialize. I even follow the fedora-dev list, and haven't seen anything LTSP related. As far as I can tell, the only mainstream distro to actually do anything with LTSP is Ubuntu's muekow implementation.

K12LTSP is definitely the easiest way to get going, but how much more difficult is it to click on something like a k12ltsp-release.rpm file and then "yum install k12ltsp-meta-package" ? After that a simple post install script could be automatically run. This also has the added benefit of brining in existing fedora users that don't want to do a full install of k12ltsp when they already have a perfectly good, fully updated fedora install running.


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