[K12OSN] ltsp 6.0 servers sharing common home directory

Rob Owens rowens at bio-chemvalve.com
Tue Jun 12 15:54:07 UTC 2007

I think you need to use NFS to share the home directories between
servers.  I'm not sure that samba and cifs provide the proper
permissions info to allow them to be used to share /home.  I might be
wrong about this.  But for instance, I know you can't use a local FAT32
partition as /home for these same reasons.


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We are using Windows 2003 Active Directory for user authetication with
Ltsp 6.0 running winbind, kerberos and Samba.  This process works great.

The ltsp server is hosting the user home directories.  It is now time
for us to add another ltsp server but I can't seem to get the home
directories to share properly.  The Windows 2003 authetication is
working fine but the users home .dmrc file and directory with not allow
a user to log into the second ltsp server.  I have tried using -cifs and
smbfs to mount the home directories and then samba to point to the
directory again no luck with the permissions piece for ltsp.  Has anyone
done this or have any suggestions?

Karen M. Bailey
Software Support Specialist
Merrimack Valley School District
kbailey at mv.k12.nh.us

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