[K12OSN] San Diego School System Rolls Out Laptops with Linux

James P. Kinney III jkinney at localnetsolutions.com
Thu Jun 21 20:17:11 UTC 2007

I like the use of Linux but the laptop is not a robust enough hardware
platform unless it is anchored down so it can't get moved around. But
130,000 school kids are getting a much better platform to learn with!!

The thin client roll out at APS worked to be under $700 per station
installed (client hardware, installation, servers, some rewiring to
CAT6) but it also involved using some hardware that was close-out model
pricing at the time.

The current tech industry phases out models faster than they can be
built in quantity.

Currently, I am _close_ to being able to offer that same pricing setup
on a school-wide installation with all new hardware (trying to get
monitors is like pulling teeth!).

On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 14:08 -0400, Sergio Chaves wrote:
> http://www.eschoolnews.com/news/showstoryts.cfm?Articleid=7178
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