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Re: [K12OSN] CPU vs. RAM for two users

Thanks for the tip, Terrell, I knew they were about the same speed-wise
(I looked up the 1.8 ghz speed after I posted). You guys who do this on
a larger scale will know more abt the CPU's than I. 

One thing I forgot to mention, the I/O and disks will remain basically
the same, just basically changing MOBO/CPU beneath it. Since the
existing one is 4.4.x this would be an excellent time to upgrade as
well! I have spare disks, so I will probably set up the new one, create
the basic users and then copy the /home and custom configs to the new

Scott S.

On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 01:02 -0400, "Terrell Prudé Jr." wrote:
> With only 2-3 users, you should be fine with 768MB DRAM.  Obviously,
> more is better, but an AMD 1.8GHz chip (the "2200") will handily
> out-run any Pentium-4 of similar clock speed.

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