[K12OSN] v6 Questions

David Whitmer thewhitmers at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 13:53:15 UTC 2007

On 6/1/07, Steven Santos <steven at simplycircus.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm investigating K12LTSP and have a few questions:
> Others will chime in with more authoritive answers, but...
> > 1. Does v6 include FreeNX preconfigured? This would be great as I'd like
> > to provide web browser access to remote desktops for my users.
> I do not think its pre configured, but I know at least a few are running it,
> and they are usually more than happy to help others get it up and running.

With v6, FreeNX is in the Fedora Extras repository.

Also, check http://fedoranews.org/contributors/rick_stout/freenx/ for
some extra information on using FreeNX with Fedora, especially
regarding the client key.

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