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Re: [K12OSN] [OT] Downloading GPS data

I can't help but are you aware of the petition to Garmin to port their software to Linux?


Sudev Barar wrote:

This is OT here but with collective wisdom of readers can any one
ppoint me to any resource on command sets to be used for downloading
data from GPS units that connect on to usb ?

I have tried gpsbable and gpstrans but they provide mostly for garmin
gps's. I am using a gps serial data logger and when i connect through
terminal programm I can acquire real time data. However I want to
download data that has been spooled in the gps memory (sort of file

Other things tried were mincom and cutecom but as i am not having any
idea of command to initiate download this is as far as i got. And i am
not able to get any information about the gps protocol / device. The
logger model being used is GP50-S from a Taiwanese company, who have
also not responded to my requests for command set.

They have a Window$ program "GPSTrace" that runs and down loads the
data from logger. As an alternate any way to grab the communication in
a windows machine at the usb port?


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