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John Lucas mrjohnlucas at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 12:41:59 UTC 2007

On Friday 01 June 2007 12:32, Huck wrote:
> anyone know how to package them up for distribution?
> I've about completed a vanilla Koha 2.2.9 install...
> but am unsure of how to make the virtual machine available.
> create'n it in vmware server

One trick is to keep the size of the VM as small as possible. So here are some 
steps to take to make it small:

	- use the smallest virtual disk that is practical
	- don't pre-allocate disks
	- keep installation sizes as small as practical
	- install VMWare Tools (for disk shrinking)
	- shrink the virtual disk prior to archiving (in order):
		- in VMWare Server: select VM and then: Edit/Hard Disk/Defragment
		- in VM run vmware-toolbox and shrink the drive
	- In order of compression effectiveness, use one of these:
		- zip archive
		- gzipped tarball
		- bzip2ed tarball

The regular zip archives are the most portable. All archiving performed with 
the VM turned off.

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