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[K12OSN] North Central Linux Symposium, June 14 & 15 in Minneapolis

Come one, come all, to the North Central Linux Symposium's "Tux for Education Conference", June 14 & 15 at Hennepin Technical College in Minneapolis, MN. This two-day gathering is all about LTSP and using it in schools, colleges and academies. It's also a great excuse for us LTSP-ers to get together face-to-face.

The first day, June 14, Thursday, is a series of presentations by people from this list, to school people from across Minnesota. We've sent out invitations to every college, school district, and private school in the state, inviting them to come learn how K12LTSP can give them ten times the computer resources as using Macs or Windows and do so for less money. In short, it's a day of sharing what we know. Also on hand will be Riaan van Brakel of NetDay in South Africa where they have deployed dozens of K12LTSP labs to poor rural schools.

While the first day is BY us LTSP users, the second day is FOR us LTSP users. Jim McQuillan will be there, telling us about the state of LTSP 5; Gideon Romm will talk about the improvements to the sound architecture and what lies ahead; and our own Joe Wiedenmeier will give a presentation on his school's use of Asterisk, the Linux-based PBX project. Storage expert & Samba member Chris Hertel will also be there.

The conference is free and is a great time hanging out with other Linux folk. Visit www.nclinux.net for more information. Hope you can join us.

Peter Scheie

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