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Re: [K12OSN] Are fast disks really that important and why?

On 6/2/07, Robert Arkiletian <robark gmail com> wrote:
On 6/2/07, Krsnendu dasa <krsnendu108 gmail com> wrote:
> How close is SATA2 ncq to the scsi queuing?

Not to mention SCSI disks are generally  built with longer MTBF.
Bottom line, if you can afford it, SCSI is still the best. I would
recommend SAS (Serial Attached SCSI).

If I might add a contrary view - two surveys of large numbers of hard
drives were released a few months ago. Unfortunately, they didn't
mention brand names, although they did say some brands were far more
reliable than others.  They _did_ say there was little practical
difference in reliability between SCSI and SATA drives.

The reason enterprises are using SATA is the price/GB and the size of
the drives. You can now buy 1TB (1000GB) SATA drives. If you have big
storage needs then SATA definitely makes sense. Usually with an LSI
MegaRAID 300-8x or 3ware 9550sx SATA RAID controller.

I'd be inclined to use SCSI for system (programs, etc.) and swap, and
SATA for /home and Windows profiles (because users always want more


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