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Re: [K12OSN] Are fast disks really that important and why?

On 03/06/07, Calvin Dodge <caldodge gmail com> wrote:
If I might add a contrary view - two surveys of large numbers of hard
drives were released a few months ago. Unfortunately, they didn't
mention brand names, although they did say some brands were far more
reliable than others.  They _did_ say there was little practical
difference in reliability between SCSI and SATA drives.
I'd be inclined to use SCSI for system (programs, etc.) and swap, and
SATA for /home and Windows profiles (because users always want more

Normally surveys mentioned would be looking at performance parameters
for a single user desktops. Am I correct in this assumption? Since
there is no link to study I can not give a informed opinion.

I would say it should be other way around. Reads are faster than
writes. I run my system with sata/pata for / and scsi for /home /var
as that is where multiple queue for read write are occurring.

Sudev Barar

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