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[K12OSN] [Likely OT] Getting sound working


This will not help you any but I had the exact same problem on an Intel
chipped laptop sometime back. I wrangled with it for sometime. I came to
the conclusion it had something to do with the BIOS's IRQ sharing between
the sound chipset and the internal modem,and or PCMCIA slot which is
kinda/sorta ISA based. I tried all different configs in the BIOS and
nothing resolved it. I finally gave up as this was just a " I want to make
this work" kind of thing, and the laptop was not really going to be used
as an K12LTSP client machine in reality,anyway.
As I recall in googling when I was trying this, someone had compiled some
sort of generic driver for the intel laptop chipset and had it working
thin client but I can not remember what the particulars were on it. I
tried doing the "howto" that this individual had posted but never got it
to actually work.
Let us know if/when you get the sound working on this machine.

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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