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[K12OSN] Join us for FOSSED/NELS conference at UNH!

Join us for the best Linux and Open Source in Education conference around!
 Join us at the University of New Hampshire in July!

The Free & Open Source Software in EDucation Conference is coming to UNH
again this year!  (July 8th to 11th) Last year we had a fantastic
conference and this year promises to be even better!  We have a full slate
of great sessions and the opportunity to learn a lot!  This year we are
expanding our offering for classroom teachers to all 3 days!  Learn how
Open Source Software can create excitement in your classroom!  Learn how
kids can now use the same software at home as they do at school!  (FREE!) 
Learn all about using Moodle, Web 2.0, Blogging, and much more!  If you're
an IT person, tech coordinator, or the school appointed geek...we hope
you'll join us too!  We have a full slate of tech sessions ranging from
newbie to advanced.  Come and learn how you can make your school more
efficient for less money.  Increase access to technology!  Provide your
teachers and students with tools and services that you can tailor to fit
YOUR needs.  Learn all about easy server management, single sign-on with
Windows and Linux, FOSS server software, setting up Moodle, Linux Terminal
Server Project (LTSP and K12LTSP) and Edubuntu...and so much more!  We'll
be using Edubuntu thin-client labs...so you can see it in action!  Visit 
http://www.fossed.com  to learn more (and register!).  See the sessions
list to learn more about what the conference will be like.  Fantastic
keynote speakers....More sessions....more opportunities.  Three days of
hands on learning!  Meet new people...join your colleagues...talk with
them over dinner...learn from each other!  Conference registration takes
care of everything...rooms/meals and the conference (for on-campus...off
campus (commuting) is also an alternative for folks who live nearby). 
Fantastic rooms.  Great meals.  An awesome banquet!  Wonderful
conversation.  A great sessions....  FOSSED/NELS 2007 is a great
conference....we hope you'll join us!  Bring a team of educators and
techs...learn together!  Have time to talk and plan!  http://www.fossed.com

Feel free to email us with any questions you may have. 

David Trask  copperdoggy gmail com
Matt Oquist  moquist majen net

Hope to see you this year!  

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcsvikings org

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