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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP 7.0 crash on install

Or put the ISO files you used to create the CDs into a directory on a server, NFS-export that directory, boot the new machine with CD1 and enter 'linux askmethod' at the boot prompt, choose the NFS install method, and point it at the server with the ISO images. Once you get the hang of this approach, all others pale.


informatik steinerschule-basel ch wrote:
Had the same problem on proliant ml570 4GB RAM, cciss raid disks:
crash after formatting the hard drive (working fine with k12ltsp 6)

Anaconda backtrace showed exception in change_loop_fd which changes the install image from cd 1 to a harddisk copy (to allow insertion of cd 2,3 ..).

I had repeatedly the same behavour, with rc4-Version and with testing version from june 1st.

Workaround: copy images to a spare ext2 formatted hardisk partition (e.g. boot with cd 1 in rescue mode, create and cd into directory /iso on this partition and use dd to copy the cds, or use wget to download them directly: 1.iso, 2.iso, ...).

Then reboot with cd 1 and use tab-key to edit the grub bootloader line for entry "install": add to the kernel command line:
(replace cciss/c0d1p1 by the device of your partition with the iso images)

Now, in my case, the installer worked
... to show bugs with the installed system (soft lockup cpu 0..., freezes)

Christian Ostheimer

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