[K12OSN] Thinking about virtualization

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Wed Jun 6 18:52:48 UTC 2007

Hi Group,

Does anyone know if K12LTSP can work as a virtual server along side other
virtual servers?  It seems crazy, but I'd really like to consolidate all
my servers onto one monster (for me) box.  I'd like to include my K12LTSP
box in my migration plan, but something tells me I'm better off with
dedicated hardware.  BTW - this is for my home network.  Around 5 clients.
 Right now I'm serving off a Pentium D 1.8, gig of RAM ATA disk.  I'm
thinking of going 4 cores, SCSI, (or SATA RAID) 2-4 gigs of RAM for the
virtual server host box.  My other server functions are very light, mainly
web stuff, so a lot of the time the K12LTSP will have all that power, if I
can configure it that way.

Also, what's the deal with VMWare server?  What's the license?  I can't
find that info on their site.  Are they the only game in town?  If I use
their free serial numbers are they going to cut me off down the line?  I
love the idea of all the turnkey appliances they offer, but I think I want
to stay squarely in the realm of FOSS if I can.

Any advice for a brand new idiot?  (Delving into virtualization for the
first time.)



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