[K12OSN] more Flash 9 no sound

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Thu Jun 7 01:33:34 UTC 2007


For fc5 & fc6  your flash rpm is correct,,,,but,,,

your flash  libflashsupport,(may) be wrong
the following WILL work under fc5 & 6:


,,,search for this rpm & download it:

do an  ' rpm -e libflashsupport '  ( do delete your currently installed rpm);

Install the above/downloaded libflashsupport rpm;

do your ;

' mkdir /tmp/.esd '
' touch /tmp/.esd/socket '

reboot your client,> You'll have flash sound ,I m sure, providing you get
sound on the this client.
Hope this helps.

Barry Cisna

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