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Re: [K12OSN] Open Office

On 6/7/07, Derek Jaques <djaques corbett k12 or us> wrote:
Does anyone have any ideas how to open .pub (MS publisher files)  .wps
(MS works defaut) or .docx (Vista word??)  files?  I have a plethora of
students who have term papers in these formats from home.  If Open
Office cannot open them, is there another program that will with the
default K12LTSP distro packages?

This site will convert wps and docx to odt, among other things. No pub
support that I can see:


Novell has made a docx plugin for OpenOffice.org that they are trying
to roll in to the mainstream release. Don't know exactly when that
will happen.

More proactively, you might burn copies of OpenOffice.org for Windows
to CDs to send home with them, or encourage them to same in something
for portable, like RTF.

Dan Young <dyoung mesd k12 or us>
Multnomah ESD - Technology Services

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