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Re: [K12OSN] Open Office

On 6/7/07, Derek Jaques <djaques corbett k12 or us> wrote:
Does anyone have any ideas how to open .pub (MS publisher files)  .wps
(MS works defaut) or .docx (Vista word??)  files?  

Have them paste the text into a Google Docs page.  Then require the kids to invite you (the teacher) to collaborate with them on the documents.  Gives the parents a chance to collaborate and check their kids work remotely.  More comments in line... 

I have a plethora of
students who have term papers in these formats from home.  If Open
Office cannot open them, is there another program that will with the
default K12LTSP distro packages?

Try using Google Docs and Spreadsheets (GDS).  I am a volunteer for a public charter middle school in San Francisco.  I am a level one tech support.  I have a few command line skills, but nothing more.  One day we experienced killer slowness in using OpenOffice.org (OOo) under K12LTSP.  (We still cannot really figure out why that happened).  Unfortunately, a science teacher was having our 7th graders do presentations.  Since we were in a pinch, and we could not figure out how to configure a DNS mail server such that we could get GDS for the school itself, we used the GDS package that Google had given to an open source film project I am producing, called the Digital Tipping Point.

GDS was superior to OOo, because it was possible for the science teacer and the students' parents to check in on the students' work remotely.  That was a big big plus.  Also, the kids spontaneously started using the collaboration functions of GDS to help each other with their work.  It turned out to be much, much better than OOo.

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