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Re: [K12OSN] k12ltsp 5 EL install error

Ray Garza wrote:
> On Friday 08 June 2007 11:27:20 am Ray Garza wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I downloaded K12LTSP 5.0 EL from the site last night and tried to install
>> it this morning. Right after it formats the drive and starts copying stuff
>> to the HD I get this error:
>> vim-enhanced-7.0.109-3.el5.3.i386.rpm cannot be opened.  File is missing or
>> corrupt type of message.
>> This happened twice. The first time I didn't do a media check on it so when
>> I did do it the disc failed. So, I burned another w/verify and ran media
>> check on it and passed. It still failed at the same spot with the same
>> error message.
>> Ray
> forgot to mention that this is where I got the iso's.
> http://k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us/K12LTSP/5.0.0-EL-32bit/iso/K12LTSP-5.0.0EL-32bit-TEST4-disc1.iso

Everything looks ok to me & I've done several installs off of these ISOs.

I'm guessing that you have a defective disc #2. Try burning another disc #2.

But just to make sure... since the link you give above is to disc #1 in
specific, that could be interpreted that you think the problem was with
disc #1 in specific. Did the install process ask for disc #2 before
giving you the error?


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