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Re: [K12OSN] spamalotless -- what the heck?


It's an individual user.  Nothing to do with LTSP or ltsp-discuss.

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

Rob Owens wrote:
Every time I send an email to this list I get a message from
spamalotless.com, part of which follows this message.  Is this something
the list is using, or is it something an individual subscriber is using?
I've followed the provided instructions to get my email to go through
properly, but subsequent emails to this list earn me the same response
from spamalotless.com:

You sent me an email on 10 June

To confirm you are not a spam robot, please choose
any one of the three options below. If you do not, your
email will not be delivered to me.

1. Click on the link below.
(This does not work if a firewall prevents your clicking
on an email link. You can always copy the link below and
paste it into a browser as an alternative).

2. Send an email to the unique address below
(Send an email to the address below. There is no need
to type anything, either in the subject
box or the text itself. The email address below contains
everything needed for the validation.)
sem6 587 c393d9 sall org uk

(If you try to reply to this email, the unique
email address below will not be used and your
validation will fail.)

3. Call me.
(If you are not comfortable with either 1 or 2 above,
let me know by phone to add your email address manually


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