[K12OSN] Firefox crashes

informatik at steinerschule-basel.ch informatik at steinerschule-basel.ch
Mon Jun 11 12:38:35 UTC 2007

> I've got zero problems with the page. I'm on firefox k12ltsp 6
> and I did it with both a via and i810 chipset. I didn't see it in 
> previous posts (forgive me if I overlooked it) but
> how much memory do your clients have? What screen resolution are you
> running?
> 800x600 generally needs at least 64mb of ram
> 1024x768 will need 128mb to browse a variety of javascript and flash
> sites.
> My clients had at least 128mb.
> regards,
> William
I can confirm that: k12ltsp 6, firefox 1.5, 1280x1024x15 screen, booted 
from pxe
(and same behaviour with firefox 2 on k12ltsp 7).

With 64 MB RAM even a page just with images crashes firefox 
(http://www.alp-tschingla.ch, open section "Bilder").

With 128 MB RAM the same page works.

So maybe the hardware requirements for the clients should be updated 
because nowadays many people use a screen resolution bigger than 
800x600 pixels.


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