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Re: [K12OSN] In the news: School District adopts Linux

The story got /.ed


On 6/7/07, Barry Cisna <brcisna eazylivin net> wrote:

Thanks for posting this story on the Kamloops School. I always enjoy
seeing what trials & tribulations ,other School sysadmins goes through
trying to make the administration " see the light" in regards to Open
Source software. It seems to NEVER be an easy sell. I've said it before,
if software does not require lots $$ and license keys/ product
keys,,,yada,,yada,,, everyone deems it second rate. If you would tell the
higher ups,its going to take $1,000,000 to outfit one lab with Open Source
software then they think its going to be a knockout setup  :')

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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