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Re: [K12OSN] Is This A Usable Thin Client For LTSP?

Jim Anderson wrote:
I've tested this $100 computer as a thin client with K12LTSP and it works fine one you set it to boot from the NIC:


It comes with a 200 MHz CPU and 128 MB RAM. The shared video memory can be set to a number of settings. 8 or 16 MB works fine. I have tested the sound, so I can't say whether it works or not with K12LTSP.
Has anyone tested it with edubuntu ? will the 200mhz be enough for all the encrypting/decrypting of traffic ?
Also how does pulseaudio work with them ?


Jim Anderson

On 6/2/07, *James P. Kinney III* <jkinney localnetsolutions com <mailto:jkinney localnetsolutions com>> wrote:

    That system comes with a version of windows already installed.
    A. Getting it off may not be possible
    B. Getting a PXE boot capability may be impossible
    C. Installing a Linux flash OS may not be possible

    I would not recommend this device unless you just want to get one
    and do
    some tinkering to convert it into an LTSP compatible device.

    On Sat, 2007-06-02 at 11:36 -0400, Bob Hill wrote:
    > Hello group,
    > Would anyone care to comment on whether or not this thin client
    > described below could work well for LTSP?  I believe the system
    has a
    > 32MB DOM.  I am inexperienced with DOM's and thin client only
    > machines.  Could the etherboot script be placed there?
    > Thanks for any comments.
    > Bob Hill
    > The Optoma ST320 is an easy way to deliver server based applications
    > locally or remotely.
    > No more Bios configuration problems, incorrect drivers or mechanical
    > failures. Everything
    > is ready to go straight out of the box.
    > Thin Client terminals can be set-up with custom configurations,
    > they reach the end user.
    > Once in place, the OptoViewTM Remote Management software ensures
    > performance from
    > your network configuration.*
    > In fact this unit will plug right into your network and can be
    used as a
    > web browsing terminal immediately!
    > _Specifications_
    > _Operating System_
    > *Windows CE4.2 O/S & Integrated I.E. Browser Standard Package
    > Supports RDP/ICA and Secure ICA w Thin Client Terminal
    > w Universal Power Supply
    > Remote Configuration and Management w PS/2 Mouse
    > Image/BIOS Upgrade over FTP/TFTP w Quick Start Card
    > *_Hardware_
    > *NS Geode GX-1 300/333MHz C.P.U.
    > SDRAM (SO-DIMM) 64MB
    > Flash Memory 32MB Keyboard Locales*
    > _NetWorking_
    > *10/100 Base-T Fast EtherNet
    > Wake-On-LAN Ready
    > TCP/IP with DNS/WINS and DHCP
    > Point-To-Point Protocol
    > *
    > _Video_
    > *VESA Monitor Support CRT/LCD
    > Resolution 60 70 72 75 85
    > 640x480 VGA
    > 800x600 SVGA * * *
    > 1024x768 XGA * * * *
    > 1280x1024 SXGA * * * *
    > *_Audio_
    > *Microphone In
    > Headphones Out
    > Audio Out
    > *_I/O Connectors_
    > *One DC Jack for Power
    > One RJ-45 for 10/100 Base-T EtherNet
    > Two PS/2 for Mouse & KeyBoard
    > One DB9 for Serial Port (115.2K Baud)
    > One DB25 for Parallel Port (ECP/EPP)
    > Three 3.5" Jacks for Audio
    > One DB15 SVGA Connector
    > Two USB 1.1 Ports*
    > _Indicators_
    > *Two NetWork Adapter Indicators
    > (Connection Power & Tx/Rx)
    > Power On Indicator
    > *_Power_
    > *10W Maximum Power Consumption
    > A/C Input 100-240V 50~60Hz
    > *__*
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