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Re: [K12OSN] Vacation?

lol -- I googled that one up too, Scott.  I thought, "holy crap, there must be a simpler way"

Maybe I shouldn't look for simple. :)

I did find another supposed procmail recipe for auto responding, but it didn't work at all.  I might have to troubleshoot that one, or try the one from clarkconnect.

Thanks for the quick reply.  

I'm still open to other suggestions too, especially of the simple variety.  :)


On Jun 12, 2007, at 9:36 AM, Scott Sherrill wrote:

Shawn Powers wrote:
This has probably been discussed before, but I've always disliked
vacation auto replies...

My principals are not working this summer, and I need to set up auto
replies for their emails.  Is there a preferred method to do that?  I
see the old standard vacation program is a thing of the past, but I'm
not sure the proper way to do it now.  Ideally, I'd like NOT to reply to
mailing lists, etc.

Shawn I am just like you, I have never liked the vacation messages.  A
friend at MTU swears by procmail though and always used procmail to do his.

Not *his* solution but a google'd solution for procmail and vacation

Claims to be mailing list friendly.


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