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Re: [K12OSN] SATA MAXTOR Diamond MAX 20 & FEDORA K12-5/6 do not detect me!

Hi Alberto,

That board has a poor controller chip, JMB363 IDE/SATA controller. It
runs BOTH IDE and SATA. But it can't run both at the same time.

Here's a partial work around that uses network install method instead of

In BIOS set the system to use all IDE.

Now boot the system using a boot CD from K12LTSP v.6 (I'm assuming that
is the distro you want to use - you will need another Linux machine
sharing out either the DVD drive with the DVD in it or a loop-mounted
DVD image o k12ltsp v.6)

At the boot prompt you need to do the following boot command:

linux all-generic-ide pci=nommconf askmethod

This will ask what type of installation you want to do. You will need to
be set up to do either a NFS mount or an http version. Both versions are
covered well in the installation notes from the first CD of the distro.

Now for the real fun. The system _should_ install at this point but you
will not have a working DVD drive when it's all done. You will need to
get the kernel source (kernel-devel rpm) and cp the config to .config in
the kernel build directory. Then you need to run the make menuconfig and
find the sata stuff and compile it all into the kernel (not modules!).
once the new kernel is compiled and in place (make install && make
modules-install) edit the /boot/grub/grub.conf file to register the new
kernel (it won't have an initrd file so you won't need that line),

On Tue, 2007-06-12 at 16:54 -0300, Alberto Castillo wrote:
> Hi List:
> Sorry for my bad English.
> I have ASUS P5VD2-VM and a SATA MAXTOR Diamond MAX 20 SMT3160211AS.
> My trouble is that K12-5/6 do no detect my SATA disk!!!
> I have tried change configs in bios and reset the bios too and no
> way... 
> Never can detect mi sata disk...
> If yo can help me in anything I bless you.
> Thank you!
> Alberto
> Argentina-Cordoba
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