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Re: [K12OSN] Getting eMacs to boot.

Peter Scheie wrote:
> Actually, K12LTSP comes with an image for PowerPC Macs.  In most cases, 
> just setting the Mac to netboot is all that's necessary.
> Jon, our annual LTSP conference starts tomorrow in Minneapolis and runs 
> through Friday.  Jim Kronebusch, who did a bunch of the grunt work of 
> getting PPC Macs to act as clients, will be there.  We've even got a Mac 
> client running for the conference.  Come up for one or both days and I'm 
> sure we can help you.  See www.nclinux.net for details.

Unfortunately I need to travel in the other direction and will be away
for the rest of the week.

I suspect it is something simple I need to do to get the eMac to work
work with ltsp. I know it will netboot to an Apple server because that is
how I do network installs.

If you start a mac with the option key depressed, it should find and list
the available boot options. Nothing other than the hd shows up in this case.
I went into the system configuration and forced it to boot from the network
on startup. Still nothing.

When I get back on Monday, are there suggestions on where to start
debugging this?

Jon Harder
Mountain Lake, MN

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