[K12OSN] Linux lab disassembled and packed in less than 40 mins! See the movie!

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu Jun 14 21:28:21 UTC 2007

Yeah I just wish I had thought of that the final day of school...
Some teachers did their own rooms(I was amazed and proud!)
But maintenance during the summer always breaks SOMETHING...


David Trask wrote:
> This was fun!  Being as lazy as I am...I find it helpful to enlist student
> labor whenever possible.  We did this last year, but this year the kids
> had already done it once before...so they knew what to do.  My UA 7th
> graders sprang into action and disassembled my entire 22 unit computer lab
> (the Linux thin-client lab) in less than 40 minutes!  They took it
> apart...pulled cords...unplugged all network cables...cleaned all the
> monitors and thin-clients...packed the boxes....labelled the
> boxes....vacuumed part of the floor...cleaned the computer tables...and
> stacked them (for carpet cleaning)....in less than 40 mins!  I'm so proud
> of them!  They were giving each other high-fives when they finished. 
> Friday and Monday we're going to attack the rest of the school.  I blogged
> about it and posted a Youtube video on my blog...check it out!  
> http://dtrask.wordpress.com/     
> I tell ya'....thin-clients are a lot easier to maintain!
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