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[K12OSN] Re: Devanagari (Sanskrit/Hindi) font and keyboard layout

Replying to my own question in case it is useful for someone.

Using devanagari keyboard layout is not adequate because it does not
allow you to create the combined consonant forms. To to that SCIM
using itrans is required. This is very easy to do. Just follow the
instructions on this webpage.


Basically you just do yum group-install hindi then setup SCIM how you want it.

On 24/05/07, Krsnendu dasa <krsnendu108 gmail com> wrote:
We need to use Devanagari font to type Sanskrit documents on our
K12LTSP system. At login from the terminals Hindi is a language that
can be chosen but when I go to choose Hindi keyboard layout it is not
listed. It lists other Indian languages like Gujarati and Tamil but no
Hindi or Devanagari.

How can I use devanagari? I have googled and found references to Gnome
phonetic keyboard layout, and ISIS but I can figure out how to install
or use any of them.

Also when I click on a keyboard layout I don't get the preview in the window.

Any help much appreciated.

Krsnendu dasa

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