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Re: [K12OSN] needing help with user profiles

i use KDE's kiosktool and it is really great for locking down KDE for different groups of users, BUT...
for locking down (partially) of Firefox and OpenOffice i have a special user i call Sandbox in which
i setup OpenOffice and Firefox and then copy all the .openoffice and .mozilla folders to all the other user from this one.
and of course changing their ownership too :-)

works great !

(if you'd like this method, i'll send you the scripts for copying the config folder to all other users)

On 6/11/07, Cody Grosskopf <cgrossko wusd org> wrote:
I use Gnome for all my users, so I just created one user and then used gconf-editor to lock down one user after that I just copied that directory to /etc/skel and created users that way. For KDE there is a nice tool called Kiosktool that is fairly easy to use.


>>> "Jason Smith" <centerplacedude gmail com> 06/11/07 12:36 PM >>>
Hi, I am needing help with user profiles in edubuntu.  I am working on a
LTSP setup and everything is fine except I can't figure out how to lock the
sessions down.  I have tried pessulus and sabayon.  Neither of them seem to
have any effect on anything.  I have googled this for a while now and
haven't found any sites that really helped.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Jason R. Smith

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