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Re: [K12OSN] Firefox crashes - SOLVED

we have a number of COMPAQ Celeron 430 MHz with 64Mb RAM + i810 E 4096KB RAM video cards.

when every i open firefox and immidiatly surf to http://del.icio.us/myschool and press ANY link on the page... X crashes on the terminal. :-(

if i open a second Tab in the browser and surf to the same site all goes well !!!

i've tried to add USE_NBD_SWAP = Y witch didn't make any difference
i've tried to add XRAMPERC = 90 witch didn't make any difference

but, changing the XSERVER = vesa solved the issue.
it seems like a Firefox issue and I'm about to report it to them, in relation to i810 X driver !

On 6/15/07, Michael Blinn <mblinn peopleplaces org> wrote:
sbalneav in #ltsp on freenode suggested turning on USE_NBD_SWAP in
lts.conf by default - This caused my misbehaving Firefox clients to stop
crashing on the site http://www.alp-tschingla.ch/pics.htm

I haven't confirmed that _every_ client doesn't crash but at least my
i810 and LTSP 1225e terminals are now working correctly. I hope this
information helps others!


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