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Re: [K12OSN] needing help with user profiles

please pay attention to lines 51-52 where i use __my__ firefox' folder (yours should be different)
and make sure you delete some of the other users i have on my server from line 41 (like science, bible,...)

i put this script (which is a little modification of a script that came with the LTSP default install)
in /usr/local/sbin and link to it to my desktop.

when every i want to apply a change in setting i made to Firefox or OpenOffice...
i open konqueror with the /home/sandbox folder and drag the .mozilla or .openoffice folder onto the icon of the script.

!!! make sure the properties of the icon are set to run it in Terminal and Wait after it finishes (so you can see what happened)

i hope i was clear enough :-)

On 6/16/07, Jason Smith <centerplacedude gmail com> wrote:
That would be great, please do send them.


On 6/16/07, Nadav Kavalerchik <nadavkav gmail com> wrote:
i use KDE's kiosktool and it is really great for locking down KDE for different groups of users, BUT...
for locking down (partially) of Firefox and OpenOffice i have a special user i call Sandbox in which
i setup OpenOffice and Firefox and then copy all the .openoffice and .mozilla folders to all the other user from this one.
and of course changing their ownership too :-)

works great !

(if you'd like this method, i'll send you the scripts for copying the config folder to all other users)

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