[K12OSN] how to set up passwordless ssh access

Les Mikesell les at futuresource.com
Sun Jun 17 18:09:43 UTC 2007

Peter Scheie wrote:

>>>>> I use 0600 (-r--r--r--) myself. I believe some distro's are 
>>>>> stricter than others about these permissions. Or maybe it changed 
>>>>> with some version of OpenSSH.
>>> Probably a typo, but note that 0600  is not  -r--r--r--
>>> As others mentioned, authorized_keys needs to be readable only by 
>>> it's owner. So 0600  or (-rw-------) would be correct.
>> Ah yes, a typo indeed.  0600 is the correct setting, which would make 
>> it  -r--------, which are the desired permissions.
>> Peter
> Doh! Did it again.  0600 will make the permissions -rw-------, not 
> -r--------.  Anyway, 'chmod 0600' is the command to use.  Time to go get 
> some coffee.

I think rw by owner is OK with sshd, but the easy way is to use chmod 
with the symbolic mode so you don't have to compute the numeric value 


x=execute (or enter for a directory)

chmod u=r filename
set read-only by user.

You can also add or remove specific permissions, keeping the other 
existing settings:
chmod a+r filename  - add read access for user, group and other
chmod og-w filename - remove write access for group and other

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