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[K12OSN] Coming soon! FOSSED-NELS at UNH! Join us!

(Feel free to pass this along!  Post and blog...far and wide...let
everyone know!)

Hello everyone!

The 2007 FOSSED/NELS conference at Gould Academy is 2 days away.  I hope
you are coming, but if you weren't able to join us at Gould...there's
still another conference in July at UNH!  Air conditioned rooms, good
food, great conversation and lots of hands on learning!  In true
FOSSED/NELS tradition, UNH offers great sessions and presentations like
the conference at Gould Academy.  In fact, UNH has a few sessions that are
unique to the UNH conference.  If you attended Gould and wish to expand on
your knowledge...check us out at UNH!  We'll have many of the same
presenters and sessions, but we'll also be featuring several new sessions
and presenters as well!  You can find out all about it at the FOSSED site
at http://www.fossed.com.  Check out the UNH Session descriptions HERE 
and check out the schedule for UNH HERE

Some notable differences:

for teachers:   Check out the awesome sessions featuring Tim Hart as the

for system admins/techies:  Jorge Castro will host some great sessions! 
I'm hoping to attend them myself  :-)

We'll also have the high school kids from Yorktown Virginia with us again!
 They are part of the "Can-Do" project and they'll be working directly on
developing the Open Source project called SchoolTool!  You get to see open
source development up close and personal!  You even get to provide input! 
See your suggestions incorporated into the software!  (This was VERY cool
to see last year)

So!  Please join us this year at the Free & Open Source Software in
Education conference at the University of New Hampshire on July 8th - 11th
(arrive p.m. of the 8th).  For more information and to register....


David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcsvikings org

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