[K12OSN] Logons get slower with time with ActiveDirectory/pam_mount (fwd)

Rob Owens rowens at bio-chemvalve.com
Mon Jun 18 15:12:32 UTC 2007

BackupPC and rsnapshot are 2 backup methods I've used and they both have
methods to allow users to restore their own backups.  They also are
capable of keeping multiple backups.  

My setup allows users to "go back in time" in 1 hour increments for the
past work day, 1 day increments for the past week, 1 week increments for
the past month, and 1 month increments for the past 6 months.  Most of
the data is unchanged, and the duplicate data is only saved once, so it
doesn't require a huge amount of storage space.


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- Linux file server: this is actually the solution I'm currently
entertaining. One handy thing I've found with the W2K servers is the
concept of the "Shadow Volume" where users can right-click and obtain
Previous Versions (that I have set to be created twice a day, once at
7:00am, the other at 1:15 pm). This reduces the hassles I have with
users saying "Can you get this file I had three weeks ago that I think I
deleted a week or two ago" etc. Does anything like this exist with

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