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Re: [K12OSN] OT Ubuntu authconfig

Hi Peter,

I'm new to K12LTSP as I've been using Debian/Skolelinux for some time now. I, too, have been impressed with the broad expertise and responsiveness of the K12LTSP community. It's really encouraging for me to see so many different users actively participating in the testing and development of this distribution. I very much get the impression that K12LTSP is the pathfinder for all LTSP-centered distros today.


pnakashi k12 hi us wrote:

Hi all,
Is there a comparable list I can post Ubuntu questions to?
I'm trying to set up an Ubuntu LTSP server, but can't get past the - LTS to smbldap server authentication. I'm finding out fast, how truly friendly K12LTSP is.
Thanks  :-)

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