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Re: [K12OSN] recordmydesktop: so cool I had to share

There is a frontend called gtk-recordmydesktop whic is apt installable
on Ubuntu. Istanbul always had trouble with mouse trailers and sound
for me. gtk-record... just works for me and colves my screencast


On 6/24/07, Sudev Barar <sbarar gmail com> wrote:
On 23/06/07, john <lists john gmail com> wrote:
> I just found out about recordmydesktop
> http://recordmydesktop.sourceforge.net/about.php

Will try and revert.

> It essentially takes a movie of all of your desktop sounds and actions
> and saves them to .ogg or other open formats. It would be a great way
> to make howto's and tutorials for Linux/FOSS apps.

Had tried istanbul in the past with decent results. Also a simple
install with apt-get
Sudev Barar

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